Tim is the author of the non-fiction book called How To Ikigai. He’s also a speaker, singer and seeker of wonder.

He is also the former host of a nightly national jazz program called Tonic on CBC Radio 2. At the end of a decade as a radio host, Tim felt the desire to pursue deeper meaning in his life’s work (I can relate – I also had this existential moment). He left CBC to study positive psychology and Ikigai (life’s worth) with a year long “Ikigai year”.

He has learned that his personal Ikigai is “to delight” and he now offer keynotes, workshops and music performances to share his Ikigai. Ultimately, he was also asked to speak at TedxYYC and his presentation was on how to Ikigay! Today we’ll find out more about this concept, what it means and how it can be very valuable to us!

You weren’t born to do a job, you were born to be more of you

Noteworthy questions:

5:50 Do you wish you found your Ikigai earlier in life? 

7:36 What is Ikigai?

10:40 Does you Ikigai change throughout life?

20:01 Are the limits of the educational contributing to the problem of no Ikigai? 

30:04 Why aren’t all people seeking their Ikigai? 

34:46 What is the biggest takeaway from positive psychology? 


Key takeaways

  • Purpose is an individual pursuit
  • Zero in on what you are passionate about and what you love about life
  • You weren’t born to do a job, you were born to be more of you


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