Mimi Kalinda is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda and raised in South Africa and she is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Africommunications Group (ACG). 

She is an expert in storytelling and is excellent at what she does. Presidents of nations call her to help to rebrand their countries. Her vision is to change the African narrative and change what Africans think about themselves. 

Excellence is a deterrence to old prejudice – Oprah Winfrey

Noteworthy questions:

10:04 Your superpower is storytelling. Where does that come from? 

15:13 What do you mean when you refer to the African narrative?

20:00 Why should we raise our standards? 

27:35 How can we shift our perception about past experiences?

30:17 How can we use storytelling to move ourselves and the world forward? 

Key takeaways

  • Someone’s superpower is not only what they do well but what speaks to them, their mission.
  • On the surface we can shift behavior, but it won’t be sustainable unless you shift perception.
  • If you are told a story over and over again, not only do you start to believe the story, but you start to behave according to the characteristics which that story assigns you.
  • You become the person people say you are, if you allow yourself to buy into that.
  • Focus on being excellent. It will shift how people see you, engage with you and how they need you in their space.
  • Building your personal brand equity will have ripple effects in your life.
  • You are, to a large extent, in charge of how you show up in the world and how people experience you from a reputation standpoint.

We use storytelling whether we choose to or not. Choose the stories you want to believe.

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Africa’s youth can either be an asset or a liability. 

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