Dr. Al, is (as he calls himself) a Child of God, Father, Chiropractor, Health & Human Performance Coach, Host of the Rise Up! Radio Podcast, 2x OCR World Championship Athlete (18’,19’), and in a Heavy Metal Band (@KeptAliveBand).

He has worked with Pro Athletes, Olympic Gold Medalists, World Series winners, IronMan winners & finishers, CEO’s, Upper Management, Entrepreneurs, Stay-At-Home Moms and thousands of other amazing people to help them transform their lives.

He is in a constant state of self-improvement and I will help anyone who wants or needs his help!


Noteworthy questions:

 11:24 What is the manifestation equation? 

28:30 What could the X be in one word? 

30:35 Is gratitude and self love the ultimate state of being? 

33:08 Why does this equation work in changing lives? 

Key takeaways

  • Our RAS (Reticular Activating System) helps us see things by drawing from what we focus on.
  • If there was a big bang then there must be a big banger.
  • Your purpose is already inside of you and you are already living it. 
  • Your brain is a purpose seeking organ, it will see things that you or others can’t see. It knows. 

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