As an Empowerment Strategist, Jennifer works with practitioners and clients who are feeling stuck and overwhelmed by typical, mainstream modalities.

Over the past several years, Jennifer has studied the life-long effects of trauma and abuse and she has discovered several tools and techniques that work well for overcoming these effects that often hold us back in life.

Jennifer uses all of these tools and techniques to help he clients explore the depths of themselves in order to effect change in their lives.

You attract into your life what you are.

Noteworthy questions:

9:02 How do we renegotiate the nervous system?

22:09 Do our emotions get affected by the outer or inner world?

29:42 How do we discern emotions?

46:44 What is trauma and how do we work through it? 

Viktor Frankl – Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Key takeaways

  • In your first 7 years of your life, you are in a brain wave state that creates much of who you are.
  • If you are the common element in a repeating pattern then it’s worth looking at yourself as the obstacle.
  • Just because you have the right to be (add emotion – eg. angry), does not mean you should let (emotion) dictate your words or actions.
  • If there is no space between stimulus and response, we automatically go into reaction.

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In childhood we are Pavlov’d into certain behaviors.

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