Jim Cathcart is an American entrepreneur, speaker and author. He is also a leadership development expert, mentor, strategic advisor, motivational expert, sales consultant, entertainer & author of 20 books including The Acorn Principle and Relationship Selling, international bestsellers.

As a TEDx speaker he made it into the Top 1% of most watched videos (over 1.9 million views). 

He’s been conducting immersive training experiences for people who want to transcend their current limits and expand their life. 

The seed of your future success already lives within you so nurture your nature

Noteworthy questions:

32:20 How do we become extraordinary? 

37:09 What is success velocity and how do we use it?

43:00 What is the acorn principle for success?

45:11 Commitment. Why is it vital for our success?

Key takeaways

  • Structure your life to make it a perfect fit for the qualities that you bring to the world.
  • A motive without an action is just a wish. An action without a motive with just random behavior.
  • Focus on your nobler motives. Focus on the desirable and the helpful motives.
  • The first step in activating your nobler motives occurs within the power minute. The power minute is the opportunity gap between thinking or feeling and doing something about it.

Doing one small thing towards your goal will break the inertia of inaction

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How would the person I want to be do what I am about to do? Think like the tree, not like the seed.

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