Harris Fanaroff is a former Lehigh University baseball player who now helps businesses, leaders, and athletes have difficult conversations. Conversations which are necessary for growth and optimal performance.

As a leadership and business development coach, Harris has a gift for helping people uncover the deep issues that hold them back from excellence in business and in life.

Through his own journey we’re able to digest his decision making framework and see how he has had to make his way through seemingly tough decisions and moments within his sport career. He had to adapt his story to become who he is today and to share that in a way that helps others go forward.

Be humble in preparation and arrogant in performance – Brian Levenson

Noteworthy questions:

8:39 What are the limitations and dangers of getting attached to an identity? 

10:38 How do we approach a flexible identity? 

14:18 What can we do to build our confidence to perform more optimally?

20:04 How do we get into a flow state? 

24:59 How do you deal with failure? 

Nothing big has truly ever been accomplished without a huge failure next to it

Key takeaways

  • Approach identity from a wider perspective and spread out what the ‘label’ or title means to you so that you can experience less of a drop during a transition period.
  • You need to be prepared enough to not think while performing.
  • When you can control and choose your self talk then you immediately take control of your performance.
  • Control controllables and let uncontrollables go. You get to decide how you react and show up with the provided data.
  • Nothing big has truly ever been accomplished without a huge failure next to it.

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You have been put wherever you are for a reason

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