Simphiwe Petros is the co-founder of the SBK leadership academy. He is also a radio personality, TV presenter, speaker and teacher.

The purpose of this academy is to develop servant leaders that meet the needs of the community around them.

SBKs young leaders are being cultivated to be the solution to tomorrow’s problems.

Popularity commands attention, influence inspires action in others.

Noteworthy questions:

17:17 What are the leadership qualities that all leaders should have today? 

20:36 How can your regular average Joe also be a leader in their own environment?

23:45 How do we live a life that is unplugged and in charge?

Be a leader, don’t be afraid of unpopular decisions.

Key takeaways

  • The premise of leadership is to create other leaders, not followers.
  • Popularity commands attention, influence inspires action in others.
  • Leadership is not about yourself. It’s about being the example and inspiring others through integrity.
  • Foresight is one of the key leadership principles in servant leadership.

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When you pursue money, you’ll always be chasing it. When you pursue purpose, money will be chasing after you.

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