Amrit Sandhu is an international speaker, coach, podcast host and founder of The Inspired Evolution.

A Teacher Certified by Eckhart Tolle’s School of Awakening, he is also Mindvalley’s Master Certified Trainer for both Australia and for India. Amrit travels the world delivering keynotes, talks, seminars, and workshops for the Inspired Evolution and Mindvalley throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.

His gift for sharing impactful ideas & insights with unrivaled enthusiasm enables him to engage audiences from all over the world featuring a wide range of demographics, from corporate environments, universities and so much more.

Purpose is an orientation, not a destination.

Noteworthy questions:

  • What does Inspired Evolution mean?
  • What is purpose and how can we define it? 
  • How do we step into our purpose?
  • What is mindfulness and how can we utilize it?

We are the universe looking in on ourselves. We are of the universe, not in the universe.

Key takeaways

  • Purpose is the conversation around fulfillment. Purpose is directly aligned with your health.
  • If you’re neglecting to express that which fulfills you then you’re actually suppressing who you are. Suppressing is the opposite expression.
  • Symptoms of flow (STER): spaciousness, timelessness, effortless & richness.
  • Your space already informs and is already representing to you your curiosities.
  • Always hustle yes, but don’t forget alignment comes first.

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Your awareness is always on. How present are you to your awareness?

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