Nicky Abdinor is an exceptional person. She was born without arms and shortened legs, a physical disability that had no medical explanation.

She believes supportive parents, a determined personality and inclusion in mainstream education were key factors in overcoming her physical limitations.

She still maintains a bigger smile than most people we see today.

Her talks are packed with positive psychology, childlike joy and lots of humor.

Do what you can with what you have.

Noteworthy questions:

9:42 When did your model of the world change?

12:41 What does the process of reframing look like for you? 

24:24 How does growth mindset integrate with positive psychology?

31:52 What is the first step to get back to childlike curiosity? 

Key takeaways

  • We can always find a story of somebody who’s got similar circumstances and has overcome it. 
  • We are hardwired to focus on the things we can’t do. 
  • Our uniqueness is our greatest strength. 
  • To be childlike requires that we play again and be vulnerable.

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