Jane Kise is a writer, education consultant, and corporate trainer. Her 25 books range from finding meaning to teambuilding to resources for educators.

She is a past president of the Association for Psychological Type International, an organization dedicated to constructive use of differences.

Her deep knowledge into the field of personality and work makes her the perfect fit to discuss how we can navigate our way towards a fulfilling future, one that involves using our strengths and matching our work with our core needs.

Noteworthy questions:

12:54 Do we find our fit by asking what makes us unique? 

17:49 How deeply should we study our personality? 

 33:31 Should we all be lifelong learners?

44:12  How do different personalities go about finding their fit? 

Key takeaways

  • Personality doesn’t determine what you will do but it shows the patterns that people like you have found fulfilling. 
  • Once you understand your motivation, you don’t necessarily have to change careers. 
  • Match your core motivators to your current work to increase fulfillment. 
  • Schooling around the world has us only testing talents in a very few areas.

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