Dennis Sumlin was born with Glaucoma in one eye and at the age of 11 he lost the sight in his eyes. He is a communication and self development coach and public speaker. He is from New York and typically helps young men in his valley to communicate better and live their purpose.

Dennis has been a podcaster since 2003 and is the founder of Core Confidence Life. Core Confidence Life (CCL) is a Talent Promotion and Coaching service that helps authors, voice artists and podcasters to communicate effectively, strengthen their confidence, polish their brand, and reach a wider audience. He works with people who have a personal development, social conscious, or educational focus to their message.

Through his courses, network, internet radio station, and other resources, he is able to work with you at any stage of your professional development. From aspiring artists who need to build confidence, communication skills and branding, to those with a project that needs more exposure/publicity.

Through me getting a better understanding of who I am, I am able to help other people get a better understanding of who they are.

Some questions asked

18:00 How do we connect our strength to an occupation? 

23:40 Are we born with confidence or not? 

29:34 How do we move from mind to body? TAKE ACTION?  

34:30 Why do we compare ourselves to others and not focus on our own journey and strengths? 

41:25 Has being blind added any meaning to your life? 

45:14 What is your advice to people who get labeled or stereotyped all the time? 

Part of my purpose came from my gifts and the other part came from my deficits

Key takeaways

  • Businesses & HR highly value the skill of public speaking and entrepreneurs can truly benefit from improving their skills on communication.
  • We are all performing in our strengths, we’re just not aware of it.
  • Confidence is the BELIEF that you can do something.
  • You do not have to take on somebody else’s identity or thought of you.
  • The important part is to recenter yourself.
  • You ALWAYS have the final say.

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You always have the final say

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