Paul Nyamuda is known widely as an expert in leadership and emotional intelligence.  Paul is an Organisational Psychologist who has researched extensively on the subject of leadership development and personal success. His passion is unlocking greatness in individuals, teams and organisations. He has a very dynamic gift for targeting real issues and providing practical solutions.

“Transform Your Thinking” is a phrase he firmly believes in and lives out daily in his life and that is what I questioned him about in this episode. He also inspires leaders across the globe to think beyond their limitations and overcome challenges that seem impossible, a mission that resonates very deeply with me and an objective which is embedded into this show as many of you know who are listening.

Old Chinese proverb – If you think you are leading people but no one is following you, then you are merely taking a walk

Some questions asked

09:15 Why transform our thinking?

15:56 How do we put our vision into practical steps? 

21:11 What is a leader and why should we be working on our leadership skills? 

35:48 What is emotional intelligence and how does it affects us and those around us? 

48:28 What are the cornerstone traits for leaders? 

 1:00:37 How do we empower ourselves when stuck in our programming?

Consciously I teach what I know, unconsciously I pass on who I am

Key takeaways

  • Don’t give someone else’s weakness power over your emotional state.
  • As leaders we play a role in helping people to see themselves differently.
  • Reciprocal nature of power: I empower you to empower me to empower you.
  • Not making a decision is a decision in itself.
  • If you want to be a leader, you must speak out what everyone else is whispering.

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Leaders are dealers in hope – Napoleon Hill

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