Welcome to my first episode of Exploring Possibility, a show built on the premise that our perceptions create our perspective of the world and this can either make or break us.

I bring together purposeful entrepreneurs, high performing athletes, influential celebrities and unsung heroes among us to discuss and share insights, advice and wisdom to elevate our personal growth and achieve success.

In this introductory episode I briefly elaborate on who I am, why I started this show and the mission of the show.

Main questions 

2:22 Who is Christopher Geel

3:19 What did I struggle with? 

5:34 Why did I start this show? 

6:12 What is the mission of the show?

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If you missed the introductory episode for Exploring Possibility, listen to it here.

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Comments (2)
  1. Hi Christopher

    Well done on your first podcast episode and for havibg the guts for starting this. I love your intro and end music. Nice and lively.

    Good voice tone, straight to the point. Amazing story line with catching hooks that draws the listner in as well as makes us relate in so many ways to your story. Well dane man.

    I looking forward to listen to your weekly episodes and wish you all the best and awesome kick-ass super success.

    Now I am goibg ro listen to your interview with Andrew Patterson or as I call him “Rocky”. I remembet so clearky when he walked into office feeling so down, devestated and dissapointed because of this one guru that he looked up to and admired who tried to crushed his 365 Ubuntu Climbs adventure and project. It was truly an honor thathe asked me to be his business coach on rhis jouney and to see him grow.

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